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Novak Contracting and Construction will help you plan for the future by bringing cutting edge technology to your home. Whether you want to be able to open your front door for a guest from your cellphone on the beach in Hawaii, or simply shutoff all the lights in your house from one button before bed, home automation has the power to do it, and we can help.

We look at home automation in a different way than most. We feel that if it doesn’t make your life easier, and less complicated, it really isn’t automation. If you have to pull out a manual anytime you want to do anything with your system, its probably easier just to do whatever it is manually. We specialize in systems that are going to work for you and anyone can use.

We specialize in whole home audio systems that allow a number of occupants to be listening to different music at the same time in different rooms throughout the house, they also can control said audio from local LCD screens within the room they are in. We feel that if you can only turn the volume up and down from the room you are in, you mine as well use a ghetto blaster.

We provide motion activated pathway lighting, one touch scene lighting that controls multiple lights and dimnesses, time based light levels, and much much more. We tie security, lighting, audio, video, irrigation, HVAC, communication and automation into one, and make it accessible from your smartphone or tablet.

With home automation the sky is the limit, and if you can dream it, we can make it happen for you.

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